Author Guidelines

  1. Makhz is an Urdu research and critical inquiry journal in which unpublished research articles in the context of Urdu language and literature as well as other local languages are considered.
  2. All articles in Makhz are published according to the rules and regulations set by HEC.
  3. All articles go through rigorous Double blind peer review process before publishing which could take two to three months.
  4. Makhz is published quarterly in March, June, September and December so articles must reach to 90 days before respectively.
  5. Articles submitted in Makhz must not to be sent anywhere else for publishing before getting known about acceptance or rejection.
  6. The mentioned category for Makhz is Urdu and other local languages. Therefore, authors should carefully consider the scope of the journal before submitting a manuscript.
  7. The language of the Journal is only Urdu. Manuscripts should be written in Urdu only (Abstract must be in English).
  8. Do not send translations or creative writings like Ghazal, Nazm, etc.
  9. Before sending articles take care of these matters.
    1. Articles must be in composed form. Soft copy is necessary as well hard copy.
    2. Articles must be accompanied by an abstract (100-300 words) in English.
    3. Title, Keywords, Name of the Researcher and affiliation of the researcher should be provided in English also.
    4. Complete address and contact details should be provided
    5. Attach an affidavit in which clearly mention that the article is not submitted, under consideration for publication or printed elsewhere.
    6. Soft copy must be in MS. Word format with following settings.Document type = A4, argins = 1” , Font = Jameel Noori Nastaliq, Font size= 13, Font size of abstract=13.
    7. Article must include references/ footnotes at the end of the article, otherwise it is not acceptable.
    8. Please follow this structure for references: (Author, Book, Publisher, Address, Year, Page)

Note: All research Articles that are accepted for publication in Makhz expresse the view points of the respective author. So, every article is the sole responsibility of the writer whilst Editorial Committee and experts have no responsibility in this regard. Editorial Committee has the right to make occasional changes to meet the Journal requirements.