Impact of Gandhara Civilization on the Pashtoon Civilization


  • Nagina Bibi Department of Pashto, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan



Pashtun, civilization, Gandhara, culture


The word Gandhara was first used in Ragveed and next Ataroaveed. Greek historians have also used this word in their writing. Gandhara was situated in the foothills of Hindu Kush and Himalaya mountains and was an ideal place for both trade and cultural exchange. It has remained an old and famous civilization of this area. The Gandhara civilization flourished in the area now inhabited by the pashtoons and it plays an important part in shaping their identity. This article discusses the impact of Gandhara civilization on the current pashtoon civilization. Gandhara civilization has a footprint in the architecture like the construction of cupolas as well as the customs and religious rituals like the lightening of lanterns on the tombs of pious personalities by the pashtoons. Similarly, impact of Gandhara civilization on the other aspects of the pashtoons civilization was discussed and a significant influence was noted. The article concluded significant impact of Gandhara civilization on the way of construction, customs, rituals and lifestyle of the pashtoons.