Tragedy of the Character Wahid Mutakalam in Sadiq Alam's Novel "Chini Kothi"


  • Dr. Muhammad Kamran Shehzad Sargodha
  • Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Jan Assistant Professor, Deptt; of Urdu Qurtuba University Peshawar
  • Dr. Amir Turab Government Gegree College, Gul Abad Dir (Lower)


Urdu Novel, Chini Kothi, central character, psychological tension


In Urdu novel, where several aspects of social, political and psychological awareness are highlighted on the basis of incidents, there in character novels the authors frames whole novel around a single character. In 21st century, such experiments were made vastly. We can see a similar experiment in Sadiq Alam's novel "Chini Kothi" where he has weaved the story through narrator "Wahid Mutakalam". In the following article, I have tried to describe the psychological tensions of the central character of this novel "Wahid Mutakalam" and after highlighting his tragedy I have tried to compile the results. Alongside, after briefly stating the tradition of Urdu novel, I have highlighted the tragedy of central character in Sadiq Alam's novel.